Anne Warr

Anne Warr is an architect who has lived in Shanghai since 2003. A graduate from the University of New South Wales and the University of York, UK, where she earned a Master of Arts in Heritage Conservation, Anne worked for a number of years in Sydney Australia in the field of heritage conservation. For ten years she worked as the Heritage Manager at the New South Wales Department of Public Works managing the stock of historic buildings for the government of New South Wales. Later she worked as Heritage Manager at the City of Sydney.

Since living in Shanghai, Anne has written articles for local and international magazines about Shanghai, been commissioned by Watermark Press to write an “Architecture Guide to Shanghai” (being launched in Shanghai on 16th December 2007 at the Glamour Bar), taught Western Architecture at Tongji University and started a tour guiding business. Anne and her partner, Tim Schwager, run the Shanghai
Office of the Australian Architectural firm “AJ+C” (www.architectsajc.com.cn).

mobile: (86) 13501660761      
email:   anne@walkshanghai.com